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Here at UV Camera Hire, we use uniquely converted cameras and filters to show the effects of UV light on skin, indicating the damaging effects of sunlight, not seen with the naked eye.

When sunscreen is applied, the effect is stunning, a virtual blacking out of the UV light is demonstrated by our UV Cameras & Photo Booth which are available for hire.

UV Camera Hire
UV Camera Effect

Our cameras records two photos simultaneously, one in full colour, one in UV. Processing one photo with two images side side by side and prints them directly.

We believe we have the first commercially available UV Photo Booth for sale or Hire in the UK, if not the world.

Our equipment is available for hire or to purchase. Please contact us on +44 800 040 7921 or email info@uvcamerahire.com for more details.

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By Looking Into The UV Spectrum

Our UV Cameras show the damaging effects of the sun and the importance of using high quality sun screen everyday is to protect your skin.

UV Camera Hire

Pigmentation (melanin) build-up shows as dark spots, so you can spot invisible sun damage.

UV Camera Hire

This helps you take precautions and protect against later problems - before it becomes visible.

The suns ultraviolet radiation is responsible for 80 percent of facial signs such as wrinkling, dryness, sagging and spotty pigmentation, according to a study by L’Oreal Research

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It’s More Of A Scientific Instrument

UV Camera Hire

As Seen On Standard Up To Cancer

Commissioned by Nivea, our specially modified camera is able to show the effect of sun damage on skin and the effectiveness of sun cream to block damaging UV on the skin. Two photos are taken simultaneously, one colour and the other UV, printed instantly.

UV Camera Hire

Although UV cannot predict skin cancer, photos taken by the UV Cam Multi-specteral imaging system speaks volumes about the consequences of spending unprotected time in the sun.

By Visualizing skin damage normally invisible to the naked eye, the UV Cam provides a powerful means of educating consumers about their overall skin health.

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